Manju started out on her agricultural journey in a 4 Acre farmland in the outskirts of Gurgaon. ASHRA - the farm is the result of her entrepreneurial spirit. She is out to create awareness on healthy eating habits and make organically grown food available to families right of the farm itself.

While the staff at the farm take care of the crops right from seeding to harvesting, Manju looks after everything else - from production management to distribution of products to various offline and online retail and wholesale channels.

Her first commercial crops were Cherry Tomatoes and Colored Capsicum which she has now been supplying to select families, grocery stores, and retailers in Gurgaon and Delhi. With the tremendously positive response that she has been receiving about the quality of the produce - she is now getting ready to produce numerous varieties of fruits and vegetables that can be grown inside the Polyhouse as well as in the open fields.

Thru the Your Green Patch initiative, Manju has recently opened out the farm to a few select families in Gurgaon, Dwarka and Delhi who want to produce crops without chemical fertilisers and GMOs.

She is working on ensuring that ASHRA would be serving the needs of the nearby villages by providing *free training to farmers on the various agriculture related technologies *free english speaking classes for children *free health camps *vocational skills for the youth, and *free health & maternity counseling for women, amongst others.

Also a Gender Advisor - she works with various corporate organisations in that capacity and supports initiatives aimed at addressing gender based inequality and instances of sex based discrimination and harassment at workplaces.

An accomplished visual artist for the past 25 years - her medium of work includes Stained Glass, Oils, Acrylic to Charcoal. These works include Paintings, glass painted partitions for home and office interiors, fusion works, artifacts for corporate and personal gifts, etc.

You can get to know more about her other engagements at her website