Sourcing fresh organic farm produce directly from the farms

and making it available to health conscious families.

We started the weekly organic food market in January 2018 with our first home grown crops of Cherry Tomatoes and Colored Capsicums. These were immediately appreciated by our small set of initial buyers and not only did it give us confidence in our farms produce but we also received huge encouragement and appreciation from our small set of initial buyer families.

Over the next few months - and on popular demand - we began to offer a range of other Organic and Organically grown produce which was again appreciated by our growing set of customers.

Today we have a wide range of products - some from our own farm and some sourced fro other certified farmers. And we supply to families across South Delhi, Gurgaon, Dwarka, Faridabad, & NOIDA.

Apart from seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits - we also have a mix of other organic products such as Cereals, Flour, Herbs, Oils, Pulses, Rice, Dry Fruits, Pickles, Snacks, Dairy Products etc.

We organize our Organic Markets only on the weekends. These markets are held to give our customers a chance to get a feel of the quality of the products available - and even sample a few new offerings - following which they place monthly orders which are split into weekly deliveries.

We will also organize Monthly Farm Visits for those who would like to personally visit the farm and pick up the produce directly from there.

A lot of exciting times ahead for those who are genuinely looking for healthy organic food products and yet also want to get personally involved in this initiative.

Why is choosing organic so important?


(For Deliveries in South Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, & NOIDA)