By bringing an awareness of farming and healthy food amongst school children

We also aim to fill in a missing section in todays school curriculum.

(This is a representational image and not from the actual program)

We want our children to understand
where their food comes from,
the importance of healthy food and
what is needed to maintain growth.

So we are opening out our farm
to a select few Schools through the
School to Farm Initiative

This is Anvi.

The inspiration behind the School to Farm initiative.

The first time that Anvi came to the farm - it was as if it was an almost different world for her. The first thing she asked her mother was if she could remove her shoes. Normally a shy child - we could only wonder at her transformation and the gay abandon with which she ecstatically discovered the small treasures in seeing a small sapling, the chirping of the birds, the feeling of soild under her feet and a huge blue sky above her!

Her feeling of wonder and amazement led to the creation of this program.

The School to Farm initiative has been started with an objective of making every school visit to the farm a fun and fruitful learning experience. Through school visits, we help children to better understand where their food comes from, to discover how it is grown, and to appreciate the importance of healthy eating. We welcome primary, and secondary school groups.

To enjoy the gentle transition that nature brings while nurturing and growing the seeds into vegetables. Watch the flowering of the seeds and the changing of the colours. While admiring the setting of the sun on your own patch.

By getting children to experiencing the journey of food from seed to harvest to plate we believe that we can re-connect children with the beauty of food and encourage healthier eating habits.

We also offer Field to Fork learning experiences where children get the opportunity to explore where their food comes from; how it is grown; the importance of organic, local produce and even get their hands dirty harvesting their own vegetables to prepare a seasonal snack!


Please find the details about the Farm Visits below.

Learning Program

The following Primary Learning Program gives an example of what a day at the farm could bring. All day visits outlined in this program can be adapted to suit K1 to K6 children.

If you are interested in booking a visit for a secondary school or pre-school class then please get in touch and we can tailor a visit to meet your requirements.

We aim to make our Farm Visits a fun learning experience. All of our sessions are practical and hands on and we ensure that all activities suit the requirements of the group and needs of the school. Prior to a farm visit we work with teachers / group leaders to ensure that we focus on curriculum topics that are being built upon in the classroom as a means of re-enforcing the children's learning.

Farms are constantly changing with the seasons and as such, we encourage schools to bring the same class out to the farm at a different time of year - a second trip to the farm is never the same experience! We adapt our school visits to suit the seasons, thus giving a real appreciation of the changing tasks for farmers throughout the year.

Learning Outcomes

Through various farm games and activities children will have the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the following topics (teachers can advise us on curriculum topics to focus on during the day):

  • What Organic farming is and its benefits
  • What plants need to grow healthily
  • An understanding of what farmers do through the seasons and what vegetables are in season at the time
  • How to harvest a variety of vegetables
  • How to prepare food for cooking
  • Nutrition and the importance of a healthy diet

Little Farmers

During this day visit children will get the chance to explore the farm, and get involved in a practical farming activity depending on the season (for example, seed sowing, planting or harvesting). They will gain an understanding of where food comes from and what it takes to grow it. On the day we'll pick and taste some fresh produce from the field (season dependant).


The farm is spread over 4 Acres and has the following facilities:

1. A Polyhouse for growing exotic vegetables
2. Open fields for growing traditional crops
3. A Reception area - doubles as a cafetaria
4. An Office cum Training Centre
5. Activity area for sports
6. Toilets and hand-washing facilities
7. Parking area for cars

Travelling to the farm

The farm is located in Village Mankrola on the outskirts of Gurgaon. (see map below)

Timings of trips

Our day trips generally run from 9.30am - 2.30pm however we are entirely flexible with this and can arrange times to suit your requirements.

By bringing an awareness of farming and healthy food amongst school children

We also aim to fill in a missing section in todays school curriculum.

How To Book

We first sign an MOA with the School with regard to their signing up for the Schools to Farm program.

Subsequently - a provisional booking can be made by contacting our Education Officer who will send you all the necessary information for the day including a booking form.

Bookings will only be confirmed after receipt of the completed Booking Form and non- returnable deposit which is 50% of the Day Trip amount. The balance payment is payable with 7 days of the trip. An Invoice for the same shall be submitted to the school.

If the Booking Form and Deposit are not returned within two weeks of booking, the provisional booking will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policy

Upon booking a trip to the farm we ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit. If you find that you need to cancel the trip to the farm, we with-hold the deposit to cover our administration costs.

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel the trip (only in exceptional circumstances such as an electrical storm or ice on the ground) we will give you a full refund.

Our farm visits are run and coordinated by Mrs.Manju Bajaj (Email ID She is supported by volunteer helpers.